crag newsletter - august 2003

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We Need Dobbers
(crag 0302)

Dob, Dob, Dob

Time and again we have raised the issue of grass clippings, tree cuttings and rubbish being dumped on the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve, but it is still happening regularly.

It is a fineable offence and one that destroys the native vegetation that we should be preserving along the Canal Reserve.

As the planting and remedial work progresses along the Canal Reserve it won't be hard for National Parks and Council officer to identify where some of the rubbish and tree cuttings originated given it's proximity to the offenders own property.

Of course, some things like grass cuttings might not be so obvious. So if you see someone emptying their grass catcher on the Canal Reserve or adjoining nature strips, DOB THEM IN.

Call Holroyd City Council on 9840 9840 and provide details of the offence.

Dogs and Leashes

Exercising of dogs on the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve is permitted only if the dogs are leashed.

Rangers will be policing this issue so please comply. Don't be fined.

Holroyd City Council does have designated areas where dogs can be exercised off their leash. One such area is Gardenia Parade Park in Gardenia Parade Greystanes. For details of other areas contact the Council on 9840 9840.

The Great News

The cycleway / walking track is now complete. The concrete path has been laid from Pipe Head at Guildford through to the Prospect Reservoir fence line and has been opened for use.

The gate to the reservoir is still locked at the moment as the RTA has yet to complete some work on the linkage through the reservoir to the Western Sydney Regional Park Cycleway. This work is expected to be completed by the end of August or early September at the latest. The gate will then be unlocked during the reservoir's normal opening hours which is roughly a sunrise to sunset arrangement. Actual hours are set by Sydney Water.

The RTA will shortly commence construction of a section of cycleway along the northern side of the Transitway and Hyland Road to provide an after hours connection to the Western Sydney Regional Park Cycleway when Prospect Reservoir is closed. This link will also connect to the Prospect Creek track.

The cycleway from Pipe Head to the Rail Trail at Guildford is complete providing a link to Fairfield and Homebush Bay and the other cycleways that connect.

The Lower Prospect Canal Reserve is now an integral part of a truly impressive cycling network for Sydney. This is part of the vision that CRAG has been promoting for nearly nine years. It is a fantastic result.

Planting and remedial / clean-up work on the Canal reserve will continue for some time yet with an expectation of completion sometime in early 2004.

More Access Required

The issue of more access paths to the Canal Reserve track has still not been resolved. National Parks are adamant that any further works will need to come from Holroyd Council's Parks and Footpaths Paving Improvement Program.

CRAG intends to submit a request to council to remedy the most obvious missing access point on Macquarie Road Greystanes opposite the Hibiscus Street walkway.

Who do I Contact

Responsibility for the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve is currently split between the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Holroyd City Council.

Contact details for any issues are:

Guildford to Bayfield Road, Greystanes
Holroyd City Council on 9840 9840

Bayfield Road, Greystanes to Prospect Reservoir
Sue Luscombe from National Parks
on 9895 5067

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