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End in Sight
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Latest Progress

Stage 2 of the works, Cumberland Highway to Bayfield Road had an official opening on 15th August 2002 by the Minister for the Environment, Bob Debus and the Member for Smithfield, Carl Scully.

Stage 3 of the cycleway / walking track from Bayfield Road to Gipps Road has been laid and fences have now come down. This gives us a substantial track from Albert Street at Guildford, where plant regeneration has commenced, through to Gipps Road at Greystanes.

The Gipps Road to Prospect Reservoir stage has commenced and is scheduled for completion by early March 2003.

A Bigger Picture

Early in the fight to save the Canal Reserve, CRAG espoused the potential to link the proposed cycleway / walking track with other corridors to become a true cycling network across Western Sydney.

It seems that the NSW State Government now also sees the value and potential of this vision.

We have been told that the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) has now included the Canal Reserve as part of the Homebush Bay to Fairfield City Farm Cycleway. Consequently, the Canal Reserve Cycleway is scheduled to be linked to the Parramatta to Liverpool Rail Trail Cycleway at Guildford Railway Station and to Western Sydney Regional Park in the same early March timeframe.

This is fantastic news! Let's hope that the timeframes are correct.

Outstanding Issues

In the past we have highlighted our concern regarding the completion of the cycleway due to the Transitway / Prospect Highway corridor extending through the reserve from the Boral site.

We have received a letter from Carl Scully, Minister for Roads stating - "I am pleased to advise that the RTA is providing funds toward completion of the last 800 metres of the lower canal cycleway from Hyland Road to the Prospect Reservoir."

See the next item for issues regarding entry points to the cycleway.

Bushland Threatened by Lack of Entry Points

Very early in the process, CRAG flagged that numerous entry points to the track should be provided to avoid damage to regenerating bushland. At the time, NPWS accepted this as a given. It seems that things have changed as NPWS regard the entry points now created as appropriate.

Common sense tells us that people will join the cycleway where it suits them, especially if the nearest entry is half a kilometre away, and trample the newly planted growth.

CRAG is disappointed with the lack of entry points, which is especially evident along Macquarie Road between Dahlia Street and Gipps Road (approx. 1km).

We feel that more entry points are required. If you share our concern please contact the NPWS and tell them.

Do you have any issues?

If you have any issues you should contact the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Metropolitan Regional Parks Unit as follows:
Ms Yma ten Hoedt
Acting Operations Manager
Level 1, 10 Valentine Avenue
Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone: 9895 7440

Official Name

The Geographical Names Board of NSW has now formally designated the Canal Reserve as the "Lower Prospect Canal Reserve".

Boral Estate

If you are concerned about the Boral development you should contact one of the members of GRAND, the local community group that has been setup to protect the interests of local residents.

GRAND contacts are Lesley Neuhaus on 9636 2962 or Gai Imer on 0409 919 674.

For more details regarding GRANDís activities, see the WEB site at:

Friends of CRAG

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