crag newsletter - december 2003

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Proposed Crown Land
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Crown Land

Work is currently underway by the NSW Department of Lands and NSW NPWS to have the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve declared a Dedicated Crown reserve.

This designation will give the reserve protection similar to that of a National Park. It means that the reserve can only be revoked for other uses by the appropriate administrative actions and the tabling of notices in BOTH Houses of Parliament.

It is intended to dedicate the reserve for the purposes of Public Recreation, Environmental Protection and Heritage Purposes.

Once the reserve is dedicated, a Reserve Trust will be created and Holroyd City Council will be appointed as the Trust Manager.

It is hoped that this work will be finished and the reserve be fully protected by the end of February 2004.

Dog Droppings

The grass verges of the cycleway are being steadily ruined by dog owners who refuse to remove their dogís droppings.

It is an offence to leave the droppings behind. DO THE RIGHT THING.

If you see a dog owner who doesnít remove their dogís droppings call Holroyd City Council on 9840 9840 and provide details of the offence.

Open Day for February

In conjunction with CRAG and Holroyd City Council, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is planning an open day next February at Boothtown Reserve next to the Canal Reserve at Gipps Road Greystanes.

The exact day is yet to be chosen but will be advertised closer to the day. The day will celebrate the completion of the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve and will see the formal opening of the reserve.

Due to the restricted parking at the open day site it is proposed that anyone wishing to attend ride their bike or walks along the Canal Reserve to Boothtown Reserve.


Another growing problem along the Canal Reserve is the increasing amount of graffiti.

Please report any graffiti you see to Holroyd City Council on 9840 9840 as soon as possible.

Caring for the Canal Reserve

A number of residents have had discussions with Holroyd City Council with the aim of forming a bushcare group to help look after the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve by being involved with bush regeneration activities.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact Maree Costigan, the Councilís Bushland Management Officer.

Maree can be contacted by email at

or by mail at

Holroyd City Council,
16 Memorial Avenue,
Merrylands NSW 2160.

Who do I Contact

Responsibility for the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve is currently split between the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Holroyd City Council.

Contact details for any issues are:

Guildford to Bayfield Road, Greystanes
Holroyd City Council on 9840 9840

Bayfield Road, Greystanes to Prospect Reservoir
Susan Luscombe from National Parks
on 9895 5067

The CRAG Committee
would like to wish everyone
a happy and safe festive season,
and best wishes for the New Year.

Friends of CRAG

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