crag newsletter - july 1998

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Canal Reserve Planning Process Nearing Completion
(crag 0298)

The Plan of Management process, for the Canal Reserve, that we detailed in our last newsletter is nearing completion.

We expect to see the final document released for public comment within the next six weeks or so.

You will be pleased to know that the recommendations for the Canal Reserve's future that CRAG put to the State Government in July 1996 were in line with the outcomes of the Community Workshops that have been run by the consultants Environmental Partnership Pty Ltd over the last few months.

Really, this should be no surprise as CRAG's views were those of the community that we represent. You.

We feel that you will be happy with the recommendations that will be published in the Plan of Management.

This is a pleasing result and we owe some thanks to the NSW Minister for the Environment, Ms Pam Allan. Twelve months ago this whole process was stalled and we couldn't get answers from the Government. To her credit, Ms Allan took responsibility for the process, secured funds for the planning process, handed the running of the process to her department, the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and at last we can see some progress.

Is the fight over?

No, not by a long shot!

As you will see on the back of this newsletter, even though the Plan of Management is what we want, there is still a threat from other Government Departments to steal some of the Canal Reserve.

Also, funding for the Reserve is far from secured. A plan is of little value if we fail to obtain funds from the Government and the land is not gazetted as a Reserve.

So, how do we fix that?

Firstly, write to the Government. Let the Ministers know that you are not happy for roads to be built on ANY part of the Canal Reserve.

Make an effort to view the Plan of Management when it is released. We will advise you when venues and times have been finalised.

Then make a submission supporting the Plan of Management and call on the Government to immediately commit funds to see the Plan implemented.

Your support is vital. Do not assume that the Canal Reserve's future is assured just because a plan has been drawn up. It must be implemented.

We want to see the Canal Reserve as a safe passive recreation area for your use.

Please, keep yourself up to date, come along to CRAG's monthly meeting. Details of meetings are listed elsewhere in this newsletter.

BORAL - The future of the Greystanes Estate

You may, or may not, have received a brochure in your letterbox from Boral seeking community views on the future of the Boral quarry site that adjoins the western end of the Canal Reserve.

Boral wants to hear from you so that they can formulate long term plans for the quarry site.

Please let Boral know that you are keen to see only development that fits with the bushland character of the Canal Reserve. We would hate to see the Canal Reserve saved, only to have its charm compromised by unsympathetic developments on its' border.

We would encourage you to express your views by making contact with:

Bob Angus
General Manager
Community Relations
Boral Greystanes Estate

The Liverpool to Parramatta Transitway - Answers are hard to find!

After promising to involve the community in the process to decide on details of the Liverpool to Parramatta Transitway you would have noticed that our local member, Carl Scully, announced details of the Transitway on May 3.

Around this time you would have received a brochure in your letterbox extolling the virtues of the Transitway.

Not only have the communities views, regarding not encroaching on the Canal Reserve, been ignored it would seem that another possible route is being examined that steals even more of the reserve land.

Enquiries to the consultants, PPK Environment & Infrastructure Pty Ltd, only elicit a vague form letter. The facts are being withheld here and community views are being ignored.

Mr Scully, YOU promised the Canal Reserve would be kept for passive recreation.

Please honour YOUR promise, don't compromise the Canal Reserve...

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