crag newsletter - february 1999

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Both Major Political Parties Support Canal Reserve... Finally!!!
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Silence is over for the Liberal Party...

The Liberal Party's new Shadow Minister for the Environment, Marie Ficarra, has finally waded into the Canal Reserve debate with a recent letter to CRAG supporting the establishment of the Canal Reserve. This comes after years of silence.

Not only has Marie supported our cause she has indicated that a Liberal government would speed up the whole process. A direct quote from her letter committing to this is:

'I have noted the National Parks and Wildlife Services' statement in their Draft Plan of Management that work will occur over the next 5 years "as funding becomes available". This is a non committal statement and is too slow in achieving the objectives. The Coalition is committed to the project's full funding and completion within the next 2 years.' Marie Ficarro 14/1/1999

As time goes by...

Marie is certainly right on this one... ...we have been fighting for the Canal Reserve for some four and a half years now, and the Government is still talking another five years before the Reserve is completed.

We deserve a shorter time frame on this one!

Are you happy to wait?

Whilst the Plan of Management that the Government has put forward is good and certainly in line with what you the community wanted, the time frame is the one disappointment.

If you aren't happy to wait contact your local member today.

In a recent letter (dated January 1999) to constituents, the Member for Smithfield, Carl Scully, invited anyone with concerns about the State Government's provision of the best possible facilities for you and your family to contact him on 9726 8668. He also added "please feel free to contact me anytime".

This is the time to take this offer up!

Give Mr Scully a call. Talk to him personally, ask him if his Government is willing to match the promise being made by the Shadow Environment Minister.

Don't wait till the election is over, ask the question TODAY!


Submissions have closed for the Plan of Management. National Parks and Wildlife Service are currently having the views expressed in the submissions incorporated in to the final plan. It is expected that this final plan will then be put to the Government and approved before the upcoming election.

The Liverpool to Parramatta Transitway -

Things have certainly changed since our last update on the transitway. You may remember from our previous newsletter that we were concerned that the Canal Reserve was still clearly under threat by the transitway despite promises to the contrary.

Well there appears to be good news.

The official overview report issued before Christmas proposes a new route that avoids the Canal Reserve.

Carl Scully has listened to us and you should all join us in saying "thank you Carl".

Cleanup Australia - Come along and help!

Last year the Canal Reserve was Holroyd's most successful Cleanup Australia site thanks to your help.

To help continue that proud achievement come along on Sunday March 7th and help collect rubbish in the Reserve.

Even if you can only help for a short time come along and show your support.

Details are as follows:-

Canal Reserve
Bayfield Road
(cnr Macquarie Rd)

Sunday, March 7th, 1999.
9:30am till 1:00pm
(you must sign-on to satisfy insurance requirements).

Garden gloves, sturdy footwear (no thongs), hat and sunscreen.

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