crag newsletter - february 1998

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Canal Reserve Planning Process Kicks Off
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Good news...

As reported in our Christmas newsletter the NSW State Government has provided funds to allow a Plan of Management to be developed for the Canal Reserve.

The good news is that the first meeting of the recently formed steering committee that will guide the appointed consultants has been held and the process is under way.

The consultant company chosen is Environmental Partnership Pty Ltd who have now mapped out an aggressive timetable to have a Plan of Management signed off this year.

The eight person steering committee is comprised of one representative from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), one representative from the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning (DUAP), two Holroyd City Councilors, one staff member from Holroyd City Council, one representative from the NSW Heritage Office and two representatives from CRAG. As you can see, local representation on the committee is high which means your views will be put forward strongly.

What happens next?

To formulate the Plan of Management it is vital that community opinion is gathered and combined with the views of the steering committee members.

Consequently, the consultants will soon be issuing a press release calling for interested parties to participate in a number of information gathering workshops.

We have reproduced an extract from the press release in the box on the right. If you feel strongly about the future of the Canal Reserve, do your bit, contact the consultant and participate in the workshop.

What does the future hold?

We wish we knew. Whilst this current burst of activity is satisfying and augurs well for the protection of the Reserve, we must remember that the only thing guaranteed at this point is the production of a Plan of Management.

This Plan will be just one more step in our battle to secure the land. By the time the Plan is signed off, CRAG will be four years old and the Reserve will still not be opened for your use.

Your support is still vital. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security. The greatest hurdle is probably still ahead of us. That is, persuading the Government to provide adequate funds to make the Canal Reserve a safe passive recreation area for your use.

So please, keep yourself up to date, come along to CRAGs monthly meeting, participate in the Community Workshops (see box on right), join in with CRAGs other activities such as Cleanup Australia Day (see back page) and if you can, make a donation to CRAG (at the monthly meeting or contact a CRAG Executive listed over the page) so that the battle for YOUR reserve can continue.


An important part of the Government's plan preparation for the Canal Reserve's future will be input from a proposed community Working Group which will follow the study process and provide comment and review at key stages.

Three Community Workshops have been proposed, the first of which is set down for:

Thursday 5th March
The Holroyd Centre
Miller Street Merrylands
from 7:30pm - 9:30pm.

It is aimed that those participating in the working group would attend all three meetings if possible - ongoing meetings are scheduled for 30th April and 21st May.

If you would be interested in participating in the Working Group, or would like any further information about the study please contact:

Jenny Burge at
Environmental Partnership
on (02)9555 1033.

Cleanup Australia - Come along and help!

After last years fantastic effort, the Canal Reserve has been declared an official Cleanup Australia site again.

This means that you can help make a difference to the Reserve that we have all been fighting to save. Come along on Sunday March 1st and help collect rubbish in the Reserve.

Even if you can only help for a short time come along and show your support.

Canal Reserve
Bayfield Road
(cnr Macquarie Rd)
Sunday, March 1st, 1998.
9:30am till 1:00pm
(you must sign-on to satisfy insurance requirements).
Garden gloves, sturdy footwear (no thongs), hat, sunscreen and plastic garbage bags.

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