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Go, Go, Go
(crag 0201)

Latest Progress

Yes, it's all go, go , go. Good progress is being made on the Canal Reserve. The cycleway / walking track has been laid from Albert Street (Pipe Head) through to Bayfield Road and many people have started using the sections that have been opened.

Filling of the Canal from Bayfield Road to Gipps Road is now well underway following the early release of funds from next financial year's budget. We hope to see the cycleway / walking track completed in this section by the end of the year.

Other works have also commenced. Old stranded wire fences have started to be replaced with new timber and cable fences. Safety fences have also been erected along the edge of the Canal where the track dips down to the bottom of the canal, such as where it goes under roads.

Heritage interpretation signage that was approved as part of a Federation grant is currently being installed at various points along completed sections of the track.

Some time in the next month we should see the commencement of a planting program that will help to re-establish Cumberland Plain Woodland trees, native grasses, shrubs and groundcovers along the reserve.

Outstanding Issues

There are still some issues that require attention.

No firm answer has been given by the RTA regarding the siting of the Prospect Highway through the reserve from the Boral site.

The existing high cyclone fences at Sherwood and Bayfield Roads are an eyesore and should be replaced with new fences in keeping with the development.

Safety fences should be erected at the Cumberland Highway as passing motorists could throw objects from vehicles that may injure track users below the road level.

Vandalism is becoming a problem. See the Shame File below.


The Geographical Names Board of NSW will formally consider the proposal to designate the Canal Reserve as the "Lower Prospect Canal Reserve" in the next month.

Do you have any issues?

If you have any issues regarding the construction work you should contact the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Metropolitan Regional Parks Unit as follows:

Alex Nicol
Level 1, 10 Valentine Avenue
Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone: 9895 7440

Shame File

It is unbelievable that while the Canal Reserve is being worked on, at one end, vandalism has taken place at the completed end. Yes, that's right, the completed work at the Guildford end has been graffitied and had fences broken.

Someone has started dismantling and stealing the safety fences.

Sump oil has also been dumped in one section. If you have any information about these acts, please report it to Merrylands Police or NPWS.

Boral Estate

If you are concerned about the Boral development you should contact one of the members of GRAND, the local community group that has been setup to protect the interests of local residents.

GRAND contacts are Lesley Neuhaus on 9636 2962 or Gai Imer on 0409 919 674.

For more details regarding GRAND's activities, see the WEB site at:

Friends of CRAG

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