crag newsletter - november 2001

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Latest Canal News
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Latest Progress

Anyone who has ventured down to the Guildford end of the Canal will have noticed that substantial works have taken place.

The Canal has now been backfilled from Albert Street (Pipe Head) through to Cumberland Highway and a concrete cycleway / walking track has been laid. Landscape work and tidying up is in progress which will see this first section completed in the near future.

As each section is fully completed, responsibility for its management will be handed to Holroyd City Council.

Work has also commenced on the section from Cumberland Highway through to Bayfield Street.

Drainage pipes are being laid in preparation for backfilling and fill is being stockpiled.

National Parks have advised us that they anticipate to have completed the cycleway / walking track from Albert Street through to Gipps Road by about March 2002.

Sydney Water has also advised us that they have been involved in discussions with the Roads and Traffic Authority aimed at facilitating the extension of the cycleway through the Prospect Reservoir site so that it continues to Fairfield City Farm.

All of this is great news and shows that patience and persistence can pay off.


A submission will shortly be sent to the Geographical Names Board to formally designate the Canal Reserve as the "Lower Prospect Canal Reserve".

This name has been proposed by CRAG, supported by Holroyd City Council and will be submitted by National Parks.

After consideration by the Geographical Names Board it will be advertised and submissions will be accepted regarding the suitability of the name.

Do you have any issues?

If you have any issues regarding the construction work you should contact the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Metropolitan Regional Parks Unit as follows:

Chris McCormack
Operations Manager
Level 1, 10 Valentine Avenue
Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone: 9895 7440

Federation Grant

Holroyd City Council has received a Federation Grant of $60,000 that will be used to provide heritage interpretation signage along the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve.

A ceremony to unveil an example of the signage will be conducted by Council, with The Hon Janice Crosio MBE MP, Mayor, Councillors, NSW NPWS, sign consultant - Environmental Partnerships, and Council officers, and is to be held as follows:-

Date - Monday 5/11/01
Time - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Venue - At the Canal, off Tennyson Road near Princes Street.

Residents are invited to attend; there will be a sausage sizzle.

Meetings Changed

Please note the change in CRAG meetings to every second month. Click here to see current meeting dates.

Boral Estate

In our last newsletter we mentioned our concerns regarding the Canal Reserve, when and if the RTA extends the Prospect Highway through the Boral Quarry across the reserve.

The RTA has advised us that this is unlikely to eventuate before 2006 or maybe 2010 and as such the impact is unknown at this time.

However, the RTA has committed to consult with CRAG as one of the stakeholders if they do move to cross the reserve.

This is an issue that we will continue to monitor .

If you are concerned about the Boral development you should contact one of the members of GRAND, the local community group that has been setup to protect the interests of local residents.

GRAND contacts are Lesley Neuhaus on 9636 2962 or Gai Imer on 0409 919 674.

For more details regarding GRAND's activities, see the WEB site at:

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