crag newsletter - august 1999

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Some good news...

The NSW State Budget, handed down in June, contained some news that we have been waiting a long, long time to hear.

Under the heading for the National Parks and Wildlife Service was an amount of $1,500,000 for the Lower Prospect Canal. This represents the first instalment of funds to begin work on the Canal Reserve.

So what now?

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has been charged with the responsibility of managing the work to take place on the Canal Reserve.

NPWS will now appoint a project manager who will oversee the whole project. It will most likely take until at least September this year before we see any signs of activity.

The first tasks will involve filling the canal to make it safe, fencing the historical sections for their protection and work on the perimeter fencing.

Time really does fly!

September 1999 (Father's Day) represents the five year anniversary of the establishment of CRAG. Who would have thought the process would take this long just to get started.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported CRAG through its first five years. But this isn't the end. The first budget allocation is just that, the first, a lot more money will need to be forthcoming over the next few years to see OUR reserve completed as promised.

We will need to continue to watch that budget allocations are provided as needed. So please continue to support CRAG. Come along to a monthly meeting and get the latest news and let the committee see your support.


Until the work above has been completed the Canal Reserve is not safe. The canal itself represents a severe falling hazard. We are aware of someone falling over the canal edge recently and injuring themselves. Please don't put your children at risk by allowing them onto the reserve before it is opened.

Irresponsible Neighbours - Shame, Shame, Shame!

Despite the work of so many people, over such a long time,it is amazing to see a few of the people with the most to gain - those living nearest the canal reserve - dumping grass cuttings and other rubbish on the Canal Reserve.

Regrowth Mowed Down

Recent reports in the local paper have highlighted that Sydney Water in their zeal to keep the Canal Reserve mown have cut down three year's worth of regrowth.

To prevent a recurrence of this, a meeting was held recently between Sydney Water, Holroyd City Council and CRAG. The outcome of this meeting was an agreement that Sydney Water will, in future, contact Holroyd City Council before commencing mowing.

The Council's Bushland Supervisor will attend the site with the Sydney Water Maintenance Supervisor and regrowth areas will be identified and agreed upon.

The Boral Estate - What is happening?

Boral has been holding community workshops and open days to allow the public to be aware of, and to offer feedback on it's development plans for the Greystanes Estate.

There are at least two residents groups that have been formed to represent the views of local residents and Boral has formed an advisory group composed of interested community members to provide input over the full ten year development project.

CRAG has requested, and been granted a place on that advisory committee. It is CRAG's intention to keep a watching brief over the development to ensure that the Canal Reserve is not compromised in any way due to the development.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Boral development you should contact Bob Angus, the community relations manager from Boral, (a local Greystanes Resident) on 9688 9896.

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