crag newsletter - july 1996

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Canal Update
(crag 0396)

Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who supported the CRAG Garage Sale on June 30. That includes donors, customers, helpers, the Scouts for the use of their hall and the Greystanes Community Centre for the use of their tables.

Your support is truly appreciated and shows that many people are still concerned about the future of the Prospect Lower Canal Reserve.

In all, approximately $1,000 was raised. This money will be used to allow CRAG to function on a day to day basis by providing basic necessities such as stationery, postage, advertising, facsimiles, photography, and other items necessary for the lobbying process.

Where to now...

CRAG is currently developing a proposal, to present to the Government, detailing the wishes of the people for the use of the land.

A draft copy of this proposal was discussed at CRAG's June meeting and a number of amendments/clarifications where identified.

The proposal document identifies the following uses for the land: - back fill the canal and create a shallow naturally flowing creek
- create a bicycle/walking track along the existing canal maintenance road
- protection of a number of historic areas, the primary one being the aqueduct
- native plant regeneration
- haven for fauna
- outdoor education area for local schools.

When the document is complete CRAG will be looking to the Government to fully honour their pre-election promise to provide funds to preserve the sections of heritage value and establish a 'linear' park.

Do you want a say, do you have something to add...

CRAG intends to discuss the amended proposal at the July meeting. If you would like to know more about the proposal or have some input please come along to the meeting. You will be most welcome as we want to see the communities best interests served by the proposal.

Details of the meeting are: If you require any more information please contact one of CRAG's Executive Committee members listed overleaf.

In the meantime...

Until the proposal is complete, and can be presented to the Government, you can help the lobbying effort.

Please write to the responsible State Government Minister (details below) asking details of what funds the Government has earmarked to open the reserve to you for recreational use.

Mr Craig Knowles
Minister for Urban Affairs and Planning
Level 33,Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 228 4499
Fax: 228 3717

If you can assist CRAG with ideas or leg power and enthusiasm (to help deliver leaflets) or if you are interested in more information please contact one of the CRAG Executive Committee members listed above.

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