crag newsletter - june 1996

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Government Buys Canal Land
From Sydney Water

(crag 0296)

Good news recently when the NSW State Government announced it was going to pay Sydney Water approximately $17 million for the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve. The government has indicated that it will shortly legislate to have the land handed over to the local councils as dedicated parkland.

This is a great victory for all residents who have helped fight development of this beautiful strip of land. Notwithstanding this great news, effort now needs to be directed towards lobbying government to provide funds to make the canal safe.

CRAG is aware that council does not have funds to develop the site as parkland. If the land is passed to council without funding we will still not be able to have use of it until the canal itself is made safe. CRAG , therefore, must continue until such time as the parkland is opened to you, the residents.

CRAG's fighting fund is almost depleted. Ongoing lobbying will require funds for items such as stationery, advertising, stall hire at selected events, possible incorporation costs and liability insurance premiums.

In an attempt to raise funds, CRAG will be holding a Garage Sale on Sunday June 30 (see over). We need your help as we are looking for donations of saleable goods to make the Garage Sale a success. All proceeds will be used by CRAG to have the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve opened for your recreational use as soon as possible.

Donations can be left at Greystanes Scout Hall, Boothtown Reserve, Gipps Road, Greystanes on Saturday June 29 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.

For more information regarding CRAG, or if you can assist us in any way, or would like to become a part of the committee, please contact CRAG's Executive Committee - Chairperson, Steve Norton on 604 0563.

The next CRAG meeting will be held on June 19 at 7:30pm at Widemere Public School (Staff Room), Nemesia Street, Greystanes. All are welcome.

Effort now needs to be directed towards lobbying government to provide funds to make the canal safe.

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