crag newsletter - july 1997

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Light Rail for Canal Reserve!
(crag 0397)

What does a promise mean?

The NSW State Government, after promising no development for the Canal Reserve, has now resurrected a 30 year old plan for light rail that steals part of the reserve.

In recent weeks the Government has found funding to employ transport consultants, Rust PPK Pty Ltd (also responsible for the second airport proposal), to investigate the construction of a transport corridor from Hoxton Park to Parramatta.

Some things just don't make sense.

It is strange that the consultants we were promised, to develop a Plan of Management for the Canal Reserve, have been put on hold.

It is strange that the State Government has refused to gazette the Canal Reserve as open space.

It is strange that the Government won't answer our letters regarding the future of Canal Reserve.

Then again, maybe it's not so strange.

Maybe funds have been diverted from the Canal Reserve consultants to fund Rust PPK Pty Ltd.

Maybe the Government won't gazette the land as open space because they have other uses for it.

Maybe as a rail corridor for the Department of Transport and then why not as a housing development for the Housing Commission.

Maybe the list of possibilities is endless for such a valuable and irreplaceable parcel of land as the Canal Reserve.

Maybe you should be worried about what is happening to our Reserve.

Maybe you should be worried about your land values.

Maybe we're worrying about nothing because politicians always honour their promises. Don't they. They do, don't they...

There is an alternative.

If the transport corridor must be developed there is a perfectly viable alternative to routing it onto the Canal Reserve and residential streets (Duffy St, Sherwood Rd and Centenary Rd).

The alternative is to use the Cumberland Highway corridor to the Great Western Highway.

Why use a 30 year old plan when local conditions have changed?

Say NO to light Rail on YOUR Reserve!

Start asking questions.

Write to the consultants at the address below, now, while they are still in the preliminary stages of investigating the proposed rail link.

Mr Dick Fleming
Rust PPK Pty Ltd
PO Box 248
Concord West NSW 2138
Phone: (02)9743 0333
Fax: (02)9736 1568

Ask the following questions.

How can a transport link be developed on land that has been promised as a 'no development' zone by the State Government?

How can land that is protected as part of the Cumberland Plain Woodland be developed as a transport corridor?

Why steal reserve land and run a transport corridor in residential streets when the Cumberland Highway corridor would serve the purpose quite adequately?

Highlight that you do not find the proposal acceptable.

Point out that you expect answers to your questions not a standard letter advising that your concerns will be noted.

Railway coming to YOUR neighbourhood soon.

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