canal reserve action group
save the canal campaign - 1994 to 2004

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Vale - Alan Read ::: 11/1/1945 - 5/11/1996

Alan Read was born in Warrington, England and emigrated to Australia, settling in Greystanes in 1974. An accountant by profession, Alanís last job was bursar of Abbotsleigh Girls School.

Alan will be remembered for his community work, firstly as the President of the Greystanes Progress Association, then as the organiser of the Holroyd Association Against Airport Noise (HAAAN) group and the other anti airport groups that that were formed in the western suburbs.

In his spare time Alan planted native trees in and around Hyland Road and was a keen bird watcher.

We will remember Alan as the man who had the vision for the land of the Prospect Lower Canal and galvanised the residents to form a community group (CRAG) to fight the then State governmentís desire to sell the land for medium density housing.

In the early days of this group he provided guidance and leadership as we struggled to become a coherent force for the community. Alanís dream, and that of CRAG, was to see the land retained as open space.

Few people have the opportunity to leave their mark on the world - the Canal Reserve will be for the benefit of all - a wonderful achievement for a man who saw the potential and decided to do something about it.

Alan Read has left the world a better place than when he he came into it and he is survived by his wife, Fran and children Barbara, Leslie, Christopher and John.

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