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keep australia beautiful - metro pride award

Keep Australia Beautiful (New South Wales) describes the Metro Pride award as follows:

"Metro Pride recognises outstanding environmental initiatives implemented by local government authorities, schools and community groups whilst raising public awareness of a range of environmental issues affecting metropolitan NSW. The overall Metro Pride award is presented each year alongside a number of sponsored awards covering issues such as urban wildlife, waste and sustainable communities."

CRAG's efforts to save the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve over nine years were acknowledged by the presentation of the Metro Pride award.

Adding to the sense of achievement is the fact that CRAG is the first community group to win the overall award. For the eleven previous years of the award's history local government has dominated this category. This goes to prove that a dedicated group of volunteers supported by their local community can achieve great things.

CRAG Committee members accepting the Metro Pride Award,
l to r: Steve Norton (President), Lesley Neuhaus (National Trust Officer),
Fred Crowe (Media Officer) and Brett Meade (Vice President)
photo courtesy of Keep Australia Beautiful (NSW) 28 August 2003

In front of Holroyd City Council's display - Council was awarded 3rd prize.
l to r: Fred Crowe - CRAG, Steve Norton - CRAG, Lesley Neuhaus - CRAG,
Brett Meade - CRAG, Councillor Mal Tulloch - Mayor of Holroyd,
Pam Allen - Keep Australia Beautiful Council Chair, Dennis Trezise - General Manager Holroyd City Council
photo courtesy of Keep Australia Beautiful (NSW) 28 August 2003

A snapshot (as at December 2003) of Keep Australia Beautiful's 2003 Metro Pride Award winner's page is available for viewing here.

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